Gods Garden
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Our precious 'fur babies' are family. No mistake, they are our children, our loved ones, our life!
When we lose our special partner, our best buddy, there is nothing that can take away the pain. It is with us forever. Why shouldn't it be? They come into our life and give us unconditional love, they see us cry and they don't judge us. They see us thru the darkest of hours and they don't turn their back on us. They laugh with us, play with us, run with us, walk with us and give us unconditional love. Ofcourse they are always going to be with us. And when our time has come to leave this place we call home, we are taken in the blink of an eye and what is the first thing we see? Why our precious babies, ofcourse. They have been on the other side waiting for us!! Now we are all together again but, this time we are in God's House and what a better place to be for all eternity!

Click on the letter representing the name of the memorial you would like to visit. (ie: Spot Smith and Kitty Johnson would be listed under 'S' for Spot and 'K' for Kitty because last names aren't recognized)

Special Places to Visit

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