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Welcome to God's Garden Level 1. My site has been growing so rapidly that I have had to divide God's Garden into two levels. Level 1 is for our beloved Pets and Level 2 is for our beloved family members, our children and infants and relatives as well as friends and others. I'm glad you have come to visit the memorials for our 'babies', our pets. It doesn't matter if they have four legs or two, if they have feathers, scales or fur, if they bark, meow, whinny or oink....they are our pets and we love them dearly. My site is to honor your precious baby. It's a place where family and friends can come visit, strangers can come and learn what made our babies so special to us. I share in your pain and suffering having lost babies of my own. At the bottom of this page I have shared with you my three angels. I have felt the loneliness of coming home and there is nobody there to greet you, the smiles that come when you go to do laundry and find a toy that had been hidden among the towels, the billions of tears that have been shed over the years. Over the years? Yes, over the years. Love is deep and nobody can tell you how long to mourn your departed. For some, it can only be months, for others, they are able to go out and rescue or adopt and the new baby helps them heal but, there are the rest of us who will mourn until the day we are reunited with our babies in Heaven. I would love the opportunity to share your baby with visitors and family. Just Email Me the information you want put in your memorial and if you have pictures, you can send them as jpg or gif formats. Also, I can be found on facebook as Bozwell Moses. If you are looking for a memorial for a loved one, other than a pet, you can visit God's Garden Level 2.

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I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on my Memorial Page, God's Garden Level 1. Please use this link to leave a message. I want to personally thank each of you so very much. Your comments help me to improve.

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