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FBI K9-Ape- A picture and a name is only fitting for a hero like Ape. Heroes don't always walk on two feet and carry a gun. This is Ape the FBI dog who gave his life today, March 14, 2013, protecting officers as they apprehended an armed fugitive. Ape was shot and killed by the suspect before officers killed the man. He was only 2 years old and just out of the "academy". The FBI says they'll put his name on a wall of honor just like the others who have given their lives. That's exactly where he belongs because he is a hero. R.I.P. to the FBI K9 who perished in the line of duty in Herkimer County, New York.

K9 Barney- Nice to meet all of you, my name is Barney!! I'm from Washington State. This is my story: "Sad news. A Tacoma, Wash. police K9 has died after accidentally ingesting meth while searching a suspect's home. Eleven-year-old Barney suffered seizures and his temperature soared to 109 degrees.
TACOMA, Wash. -- Police K9 Barney died Wednesday evening from complications related to ingesting powdered methamphetamine. "Barney will be remembered as a dedicated member of our department, who without a doubt, made Tacoma safer by virtue of his work and his service. Barney died in the line of duty and will be honored as such,"said Chief Donald Ramsdell. Tacoma police thanked BluePearl doctors and staff for the care they gave Barney. "After working with the Tacoma Police Department over the past few days, it was clear how much the Officers loved and respected Barney," said Dr. Kobi Johnson, a senior clinician with BluePearl. "We join them in mourning the loss of their comrade and offer condolences." Barney, an 11-year-old K-9 officer with the Tacoma Police Department, was rushed to the vet Tuesday night (March 2015) after ingesting powdered methamphetamine while serving a search warrant. Dr. Kobi Johnson said Barney had a body temperature of 109 and was experiencing hyperthermia and seizures when he reached the hospital. By Wednesday morning, the Lab mix became more alert and responsive, but doctors continued to monitor him for any secondary effects from the hyperthermia. "Methamphetamines are extremely toxic to dogs," said Dr. Johnson. Loretta Cool, a spokesperson for the Tacoma Police Department, said Barney and his handler, Officer Henry Betts, were investigating a narcotics complaint and serving a search warrant around 6 p.m. Tuesday. Narcotics dogs typically signal the presence of drugs by placing their noses on the substance. In this instance, the drugs were unwrapped and Barney came directly in contact with the powdered methamphetamine, Cool said. Betts and Barney have worked together since 2010. "He's a phenomenal dog," said Betts. "Really just incredible." This story credit goes to King 5 news posted march 26, 2015 3:27p photo Tacoma Police Department (TPD)

K9 Baron- Hello everyone! My name is Baron and I am a member of the elite group of K9 dogs. This is my story: "ST. AUGUSTINE, Florida (WTLV) - Authorities are looking for a man suspected of killing a St. Johns County Sheriff's Office dog after the animal chased him into the woods. Commander Chuck Mulligan said deputies got a call about a disturbance near Twin Aspen Circle in the Twin Lakes neighborhood off of State Road 207 about 3:20 a.m. Tuesday. Story posted in Authorities dispatched a K-9 and its handler, Deputy Farrah Ashe, to the area to track the suspect, who ran off into the woods, they said. Mulligan says the dog and Farrah came to a fence while searching for the suspect. When the deputy placed Baron over the fence, the dog picked up on the suspect's scent and took off running after him, Mulligan said. The deputy caught up with Baron minutes later and found the dog drowned in a body of water. "We do believe the suspect drowned the dog," Mulligan says. CPR was performed on the dog, but the dog was later pronounced dead at an emergency veterinarian office. The person deputies are searching for is 27-year-old Brandon Bernard Allison. He is described as 5-foot-9, 160 pounds with brown eyes and black hair. If you see him, call 911. The Sheriff's Office listed Allison as living at a home on Puryear Road in St. Augustine. However, neighbor Rosalind Harris said he hasn't live there for months. Harris said Allison was courteous to her and she was surprised when deputies told her he was dangerous. "He just seemed to be a quiet person. I wouldn't think he'd kill a dog," Harris said. "I was shocked!" On Tuesday, while Harris was speaking with First Coast News, two women pulled up at the house where Allison used to live. Harris said one of them was Allison's mother. The woman declined to comment. Mulligan says it's a third-degree felony to kill a K-9. "These K-9's become a part of the sheriff's office family," Mulligan says. Baron was two and a half years old and had been on the force for one and a half years following 1,100 hours of training. The Sheriff's Office said there will be a funeral for the K-9, but arrangements had not yet been made on Tuesday. Authorities say they are still investigating the initial disturbance call, but they won't elaborate on those details just yet. Allison was wanted on a felony arrest warrant for selling cocaine, according to Mulligan." The Associated Press contributed to this report.

FBI K9-Beny- Hello, Beny here! I am a K9 for the Montville Township Police Department and I loved my work. How many people can say they love their work? LOL I sure did!! This is the story that was posted about me and the photo was from Montyville Township (Ohio) Police Department. I'm a pretty good looking guy, wouldn't you say? LOL Ok, here's my story: "MONTVILLE TOWNSHIP, Ohio — A K9 with an Ohio police department was found dead after being left in a police vehicle for more than four hours, police said. According to the Montville Township Police Department, Beny died of heat stroke while he was left in its kennel in the back seat of the police car Sept. 28, 2015. Sgt. Brett Harrison arrived at the police station, about 36 miles south of Cleveland, shortly before 11 a.m. and started working on paperwork for several cases, police said. The dog, which according to WEWS-TV, Cleveland, was 2-years-old, was found lying lifeless in the compartment's kennel about 3 p.m. It was almost 79 degrees outside when the dog was found. Harrison received a two-week unpaid suspension as well as a loss of 40 hours of vacation time, police said. Police Chief Terry Grice said, "This is a loss that words cannot describe, and it is very difficult for everyone involved. There is no doubt that this loss will have a lasting impact on Sgt. Harrison and our entire department. Sgt. Harrison cared deeply about Beny. He worked with him 40-plus hours a week and Beny lived with Sgt. Harrison and his family when the two were off duty. Sgt. Harrison is overwhelmed with grief, and is taking this loss very hard." Police say Harrison had not been previously disciplined. He first joined the force in 2007. photo: Montyville Township (Ohio) Police Department"

Sgt Beyco- Hi, my name is Beyco! I was a member of the United States Marine Corps!! My Dad loved me so very much and this is what he said about me: "I lost my girl tonight at 9:30 pm June 17th 2013 I draped her in the American Flag, hugged and kissed her, told her I loved her and saluted her. When they opened her up tonight they found to much abdominal cancer so I had to let her go home. She's running and playing at the Rainbow Bridge now. I miss her dearly and she knows it. She loved all of you and I thank all of you who supported her and commented and shared her photos and lived her life out with us. You are special and appreciated by Beyco. Semper Fi Mwd Beyco Usmc I love you and will never forget you. It was an honor to hold your leash Marine. Love Dad, Joe Kelly Sturm"

FBI K9-Brunie- Kansas City Missouri Police Department. It is with very great sadness that we announce the death of one of our canine officers in the line of duty, Brunie. Last Sunday night, he was helping Belton Police search for a suspect in a wooded area. He managed to flush the suspect out of the woods, but somewhere in the woods, it appears he ingested something poisonous. He passed away yesterday. He had been with KCPD since August 2012. He and his partner, Officer Jason Brungardt, won Canine Officer of the Year from the National Police Canine Association this August for this apprehension of an armed robbery suspect: Watch this video: by Josh Bo

K9 Diesel- RIP Diesel! The Police Dog who lost his life during raids in France when a suicide bomber detonated her explosive vest. Diesel was seven years old. November 2015.

DiOGi- On Friday morning, October 24, 2014, Van Pelt gave his 8-year-old partner a kiss on the head and then walked him into the animal hospital where DiOGi was euthanized after a lengthy and painful battle with terminal leukemia. Rest peacefully DiOGi, you will be missed.

K9-Falco- The Seattle Police Department lost one of its four-legged officers last week after K9 Falko passed away. On December 4th, Falko went in for surgery on an injured knee. Unfortunately, Falko didn't make it through the procedure and passed away. Falko was 10 years old. Falko worked his last shift with his partner, Officer Jung Trinh, on December 3rd. Over his eight-year career with SPD, Falko helped officers track down evidence—like handguns—at crime scenes, and assisted in more than 100 arrests. In 2007, Falko and Officer Trinh received the George P. Tielsch Award for Outstanding K-9 team of the year, and later became the first Canine Team in Seattle to "Master Handler” certification. A loyal partner and friend, “K9-10” Police Dog Falko is out of service." You earned your heavenly reward Falko. May you watch over those who preceded you while in the line of duty, Sir!!

K9-Jethro- The Canton Ohio Police Department has lost one of their own. K9 Officer Jethro, on January 10, 2016. A post on Facebook says this: "K-9 Officer Jethro passed away early this morning. He succumb to wounds sustained yesterday while engaging a robbery suspect. Officer Jethro was shot three times. This is a great loss and our thoughts and prayers go out to his handler Officer Ryan Davis, his family, and fellow Officers. God's grace, peace and comfort to them, in Jesus name. Amen" Rest peacefully K9 Officer Jethro and thank you for your service, Sir.

K9-Kaiser- The Plymouth Massachusetts Police Department has lost one of their special K9 Heros, Kaiser. As he walked up the steps to the vet's office, his last journey here on earth, he was saluted by his fellow co-workers and friends. Kaiser was a German Shepherd, only two years and five months old, who was diagnosed in March 2013 with chronic and fatal kidney disease. On Friday, May 31, 2013 it was decided by his Plymouth Police patrolman and handler, Jamie Lebretton, out of love and respect, Kaiser be allowed to cross Rainbow Bridge and play in his new, healed body. Jamie said that Kaiser loved being a Police Dog and he and his fellow Officers, family and friends will miss him so much. He was a Hero in every sense of the word and Prayers being sent to those who cared for Kaiser, who trained him, who were his family, his co-workers, his many friends, may he rest in peace. NOTE: The picture showing the officers saluting Kaiser went viral on Friday, May 31, 2013 on Facebook by Old Colony Memorial, ABC7 Chicago,Plymouth Police Working Dog Foundation and @frankmandOCM on Twitter.

K9-Krijger- Another K9 hero was lost on January 11, 2016. His name is K9 Krijger serving with the Norfolk Police Department. This is their bulletin: "It is with heavy hearts we announce the loss of a loyal and dedicated member of the Norfolk Police Department. K9 "Krijger" died after being shot early this morning by an armed suspect. He served NPD for three years and faithfully gave his life to protect ours. Rest in peace, Krijger. Your work is done, but never forgotten."

K9-Kye- Look closely at the picture on the left and specifically what’s inside that coffin. That’s not the body of a person. That’s the body of a dog. Kye was a 3-year-old Belgian German Shepard. He worked as a K-9 with the Oklahoma City Police Department. Kye was killed in the line of duty last month. And was just given a full police burial.The service included full police honors and a 21-gun salute. Kye worked with Sgt. Ryan Stark. That’s Sgt. Stark bending over to kiss Kye. (Honestly just looking at that picture gets me choked up) They had been partners and friends for two years. Kye was chasing a suspect when he was stabbed. Sgt. Stark then shot and killed the suspect. Kye died the next day in surgery. During the eulogy for Kye an officer said: "Without question, Kye's sacrifice saved the life of one of our officers. We will forever remain in your debt." The bond between officers and their K-9’s is amazing to me. When an officer if paired with a K-9 it is intended to be a lifetime partnership. They trust each other completely. I read these quotes from former K-9 officers: "You spend all those hours training together, working together, in the car together. He's never in a bad mood because he had a fight with his girlfriend." “They are part of you. If you’re sleeping, they’re probably right next to your bed." "There is more of a bond there than just being partners. Everyday when I get ready, he gets ready. He sees me getting ready and he knows it. He's excited to get out there to do the job" "You might have had a bad day at work or a bad day with the family, but as soon as you see that dog, you see that unconditional love. All of the sudden you just forget about that bad day and think, 'Here's my partner, here's my buddy right here. No matter what happens, he always loves me." Rest in peace Kye."
Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. pays tribute to a fallen hero, K9 Kye of the Oklahoma City Police Department who passed away today after going into cardiac arrest following surgery due to stab wounds. K9 Kye was three years old and from Belgium. He had two years of service and is seen here with his partner Sergeant Stark. Run free over the rainbow bridge, brave hero. Oklahoma City Police Department ~ We are deeply saddened to report that the K9 that was stabbed last night while attempting to take a violent felon into custody, passed away this afternoon as a result of his injuries. His name was Kye, he was three years old and he was from Belgium. He had two years of service with our department. His unit number was K-7. Rest in peace, Kye.

Mike- On October 17, 2015 Mike was killed. A bomb-sniffing combat dog named Mike survived two tours of duty in Iraq but not the streets of a bucolic little town in Wyoming.The 9-year-old Belgian Malinois was shot and killed in Powell last Saturday by a bicyclist who said he was attacked, leaving Mike’s devastated owner Matthew Bessler, a retired Army Ranger, wondering how he is going to deal with his combat-related injuries alone.“I raised him as a puppy, and the ability he has to sense some of the issues that I have with seizures, with my PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), my TBI (traumatic brain injury) and severe anxiety disorders, how he can calm me down just by being in my presence,” Besseler told the Billings Gazette Friday. “He can help take the focus and help change the focus of what’s going on with me and help me calm down or relax me.” Bessler, a 20-year Army vet, served six tours in Iraq with the 10th Special Forces Group out of Fort Carson, Colorado, with Mike his inseparable partner on two of those tours. Their work detecting explosives and hunting insurgents over a 16-month period earned the pair two Bronze Stars,--one of military’s highest accolades, according to the Army, which profiled Bessler and Mike last July.Their partnership lasted until one day Mike stopped sniffing for explosives, the Army said. Mike served two tours in Iraq. Bessler, 43, took the dog to a military vet in Baghdad who proscribed Prozac to calm the dog’s anxiety. In 2010 they both came home with PTSD and according to Bessler, Mike’s is the Army’s first and only case. In Powell, Mike became a service dog for Bessler, trained to anticipate and interrupt Bessler’s anxiety and darkest moods, usually by climbing on top of him or dropping a tennis ball in his lap, the Washington Post reported in a profile of the pair that also ran in July. The paper reported that after then Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry saw the story, he called and offered to fund the cost of Bessler’s treatment at a Texas brain center. His first question was about his dog, “Can I bring Mike?” Bessler was hunting in the Bighorn Mountains when Mike was shot. The bicyclist, 59, told the Park County Sheriff’s Office he was attacked by “German shepherd-looking dog” in an encounter in the road, the Powell Tribune reported. Authorities say somehow the dog got loose from Bessler's yard. According to the account he gave deputies, he fended off the dog using his bicycle, and then grabbed a revolver from his bicycle-mounted holster, and shot the dog. Mike, a 9-year-old Belgian Malinois, in Iraq. “Essentially, if you feel your life is in danger or threatened by an animal, you can act against it,” Park County Sheriff Scott Steward told the paper Wednesday. Bessler questions the bicyclist’s account, saying the dog was shot in the rear. “He has his story,” he told the Tribune. “I know my dog. I have my story.” With the loss so fresh Bessler told the Gazette he had trouble coming up with specific memories of his four-legged friend. “I mean, it’s way too soon,” he told the paper. “I mean, it’s every time I see him everywhere that I go. Because he was, he was with me almost everywhere I went and he was always playing and he was always ... he always wanted to play and everybody loved him. Everybody could pet him.” Bessler said. Bessler added jokingly, “nobody had problems with him unless they had a ball.”

K9 - Pepper- It is with great sadness we report the death of Wise County Sheriffs K-9 'Pepper' who was shot and killed in the line of duty this afternoon. As we first posted just after 2:00pm, a subject lead law enforcement on a police chase in Montague County to where the pursuit ended near Aujla Rd and Picket Run Rd (around the Montague/Wise county line). The suspect bailed on foot. Wise County Sheriffs and K-9 where called in to assist in the search. While searching, Pepper was shot and killed, allegedly by the subject who ran from police. The subject was also shot and killed.
Rest easy, Pepper.
End of Watch: January 28, 2015
A Police Dog's Oath:
"I will lay down my life for you
and expect nothing but love in return.
I protect my officer with my life,
and would gladly take a bullet in his place.
I am sent in to find lost children
and fugitives on the run.
I find drugs and weapons and even bombs.
I am the first sent in
and sometimes the last to leave.
I am the nose and ears of my officer.
I will protect and serve him.
I would die for him and for you.
I only ask for compassion and a kind word."

K9-Tank- An officer who left his K-9 partner in a hot car, leading to his death, now faces a 60-day suspension. Police Chief Larry McNeil of the Bennettsville, South Carolina police department told Carolina Live the officer left Tank, a black Labrador Retriever, in a car with the engine off and the windows rolled up on Monday. The K-9 officer was taken to a veterinarian, but died Tuesday of heat stroke. Officer Miller, Tank's partner who was in the K-9 unit for nine years, will face a 60 day unpaid suspension for the death of Tank, SC Now reported. In addition to his suspension, Officer Miller will be placed on probation for 90 days, and is permanently restricted from being in the K-9 officer program, according to WBTW. The department held a funeral for the officer, who was buried in a small casket. Chief McNeill gave a eulogy and said Tank's death has been "difficult and heart-wrenching" for the department. "This untimely death of Tank is one that's going to stay with the department. He won't be forgotten." Some in the community are calling for the officer to be fired and even charged with Animal Neglect. Officer Miller has not been charged with a crime. When asked by Carolina Live why an outside agency was not brought in to investigate the death, Chief McNeil said he didn't call in the State Law Enforcement Division because it was a personal matter. Tank was four years old and worked with the department for three years, specializing in explosives detection and tracking.
BENNETTSVILLE -- A Bennettsville police officer is on administrative leave after his K-9 partner died, according to Chief Larry McNeil. McNeil says the officer left Tank, a black Labrador Retriever, in a car with the engine not running and the windows rolled up, Monday. The officer returned to the vehicle and saw Tank was not doing well, so he took the dog to a veterinarian. Tank died Tuesday morning. The officer's name isn't being released, but McNeil says he's a veteran K-9 handler and will be disciplined pending the outcome of the investigation. He says the officer is devastated by Tank's death. "Tank's partner is devastated at the loss of Tank. That dog just wasn't the property of the City of Bennettsville Police Department, it was a part of the officer's family. He stayed with them 365 days a year. The dog went on vacations with him and his family," said Chief Larry McNeil. McNeil says Tank's death has hurt the entire police department. A veterinarian is expected to determine Tank's cause of death and how long the dog was inside the officer's car. The Humane Society of Marlboro County issued a statement to WPDE NewsChannel 15 on the death of the K-9 Officer. "It's been brought to the attention of the Marlboro County Humane Society. Very tragic loss. And until the investigation is complete and we have all the details, we can't take a position," said Kenny Hinson with the Humane Society of Marlboro County.

K9-Victor- "With much sadness, the Caddo Sheriff's Office of Shreveport Lousianna announces the passing (on March 18, 2015) of K-9 Victor, who died this morning due to a medical condition. He served our parish (and handler Deputy Marcus Green) well for over seven years as a dual purpose patrol and narcotics detector dog. Rest In Peace, Victor. Picture from Caddo Sheriffs Office, Shreveport Lousianna.
The first to sense the hostility of a suspect,
The first to react to protect his master.
The first to enter where danger lurks.
The first to detect the hidden intruder.
The first to take action against violence.
The first to sense his master's joy.
The first to know his master's sorrow or fear.
The first to give his life in defense of his master.
The last to be forgotten by those who work with others like him.
They know him as a "partner",
not just an animal.
(author unknown)

K9-Zane- Hi folks!! My name is Zane and, well, you guessed it, I'm a K9 Officer and I'm a super good looking dude!! LOL Most people think a K9 is only limited to German Shepherds but not always, as you can see. No matter the breed, we all have to go thru intensive training and pass a lot of tests. So, in my honor, the next time you see a K9 Officer on duty in your Community, respect him/her because we have to go thru a lot to be where we are in this career. Ok, enough said about how special I am because I know just looking into my gorgeously handsome face, you love me!! LOL This is my story: "A Conyers K9 officer has died after being left in a hot patrol car. Its handler has been placed on paid leave pending an internal investigation, Conyers police announced on Friday. The dog, named Zane, was found dead in the patrol car around 5 p.m. on Thursday at the Rockdale County home of handler Jerahmy Williams, police said. The five-year-old bloodhound has worked as a tracking dog for Conyers Police for four years — three of those with Williams, Conyers police said in an emailed statement. Williams, a patrol corporal, has been with the police department nearly five years. He is on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of an internal investigation. “We are committed to the care and proper treatment of our working K9s. We are mourning the loss of our own,” said Conyers Police Chief Gene Wilson. The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a separate investigation with the help of the Rockdale County District Attorney’s Office, authorities said.

Zanjeer- Zanjeer, a golden Labrador Retriever living in Mumbi, saved thousands of lives during the serial bomb blasts in the city in March 1993 by detecting more than 3,329 kgs of the explosive RDX, 600 detonators, 249 hand grenades and 6406 rounds of live ammunition. He was buried with full honors during a ceremony attended by senior police officials. A senior police officer lays a floral wreath on Mumbai's most famous dog Zanjeer....(1993)