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Therapy animals are a blessing to seniors, those convalescing after trauma or surgery, quadriplegics, paraplegics, our Vets with disorders from time spent in war, children with diseases who are spending most of their life in hospitals and many others too numerous to mention. Therapy animals have been known to save lives, find survivors, rescue and rehabilitate individuals faster than humans. They are well trained, many hours spent in the field and in class. Though they are working animals, they are also our babies, our cherished pets. This section is devoted to honoring the many Therapy Animals who have followed God over Rainbow Bridge. I'm sure they are still working and giving but most important, they are waiting for their family to be reunited with them for all eternity.

Mom, Lady Sophie, Daughter, Chula and Son, Sherlock- These three very special babies belong to Kimberly A. "Hello everyone! My name is Lady Sophie and I am the Mom to Sherlock and Chula. Before I tell you about my kids, I want to tell you about me!! After all, I am a very special Lady!! I was born on October 16, 1996. On December 03, 2010 God reached down and took my paw and ask me to come with Him. I saw tears in the eyes of my family and friends but I knew I had to go. I gently kissed everyone and crossed Rainbow Bridge. It was my time but I gave instructions to Sherlock and Chula to take care of everyone and be sure to tell them that I will see them again one day. My family is strong and I know they can handle things. My human Mom wants everyone to know that at the age of 2 I became a canine candy striper, Also known as a Therapy dog for convalescent homes all over Los Angeles and Orange County California. Senior citizens would get a sparkle of light in their eyes when I would enter a room and I did too! I LOVED everybody. Animals and people alike. I would go up to wild animals like Possums and smell their faces. I walked up to seniors as gentle as possible and would lay my head on their laps or stand as close as possible so they could feel my fur. Even people who couldn't speak, would make sounds of delight just to feel my fur on their skin. I always looked forward to hospital visits. At the age of 3, I gave birth to 7 puppies! Now can you say you have carried and given birth to 7 little sweethearts? Whew, I did!!! I had over 30 families apply for the opportunity to adopt one of my kids! My human Mom kept two. Two went to family and three went to good friends. The two that she kept were my Daughter Chula and my Son Sherlock who were born on October 04, 1999! Brother and Sister. At the age of two they also became therapy dogs for convalescent homes. Chula loved people. She would make everyone feel loved and special. She placed her paw on their laps gently and looked into their eyes. Chula had a lot of depth in her soul. She could read people really extremely well. She knew if they could handle a bear hug or not or if they just needed a gentle nudge. On July 21, 2012, God reached down to Chula, gently took her paw and after looking back to make sure everyone knew that she loved them, they crossed Rainbow Bridge, together. I tried to reach down and comfort everyone and I whispered to Sherlock that now he was in charge and that myself and his Sister would do our best to help. Sherlock was a big mush pot of love. He let people just rub his fur and mess it all up and he never fussed about it. He had a handsome golden main of fur around his neck that people liked to run their fingers through. He just went along with whatever was asked of him. He had those big brown eyes that made every senior melt. Once more God came and though Sherlock had done a fantastic job, it was time for him to take his place next to his Mom and Sister. They were waiting at The Bridge as God gently brought Sherlock to them on August 31, 2013. After lots of kisses and snuggles we turned and looked down at all the tears our humans were shedding. Every day we reached down and try to comfort everyone, try to reassure everyone and try to explain that it's not forever that we will be apart. One day we will all be together and what a joyous day that will be!! So to the humans, we love you, we thank you for all you did for us and for all the love you gave us. We thank you for all the fun times and all the laughter we shared. We had a great life and we are running and playing and sometimes we stop for a minute to look down and make sure you are ok. So please don't grieve, we are still with you!! Watch for us. With all my love, Lady Sophie." Kimberly wanted everyone to know this: "These are my 3 Labs that I have lost in 3 years. All 3 were generous with their love and never withheld that love from anybody that wanted it. All 3 had retired in 2005 when I had a stroke. I was unable to take them to facilities due to physical challenges and at that time they were my sole emotional support when I needed it the most. They will never be forgotten. Missed by many. Missed by me forever. It's too much loss. My heart weeps for them and nothing can fill the void. They were therapy dogs. Visiting Senior facilities. They gave so much joy to others including me. It was a 17 year chapter of my life. Now over. I am so sorrowful. I miss hearing them breathe when I sleep. I miss the cuddles. I miss the spooning. I miss the licks and wags. I miss their joy and happiness they gave me every day. My sadness is deep, as my bond with them was deeper. I have cried more for them than I have at any relatives funeral. I know they are with me in spirit but I miss the physical contact. Sherlock was my anchor to the other two gone. Now, he's gone too. There is NO replacement." Rest peacefully Lady Sophie 10/16/1996 to 12/03/2010, Chula 10/04/1999 to 07/21/2012, Sherlock 10/04/1999 to 08/31/2013