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Dorothy- Female chimpanzee Dorothy died of heart failure (she was over 40 years old) and as she was being carried away, behind the fence together all the chimpanzees stood silently, some with hands on the shoulders of one another....!!! Man can still learn from primates!

Rian- Meet Rian, king of the Jungle only Rian didn't live in the Jungle, he lived at the Denver, Colorado zoo!! Denver Zoo Curator of Large Mammals Hollie Colahan says of Rian: "We are sad to report that Rian, a 15-year-old South African lion, at Denver Zoo was euthanized today. He had cancer in his spleen, had a surgery and had been undergoing chemo. This decision was very difficult. Rian has been a treasured member of the Denver Zoo family for so long and we were hoping for a recovery." Run free Rian and enjoy your next life over Rainbow Bridge!!

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